...compared to RegexBuddy

RegexBuddy is an other tool which provides a rich set of functionality around regular expressions. This comparison shows the main differences between jRegExAnalyser and RegexBuddy to help you choose a tool.





free and open source


regular expression dialects

original Java

proprietary, emulates several other engines

operating environment

pure Java

MS Windows


Java Web Start, .jar application, source

installable binary


While being proprietary, closed source software, RegexBuddy is not to highly priced. So this may be rather a matter of taste and philosophy.

Regular Expression Dialects

RegexBuddy uses its own, proprietary regex engine. This engine can be configured to emulate the behaviour of other, popular implementations.

For simple (or portable) regular expressions both tools are suitable.

If you need the emulation of different regex styles, RegexBuddy may be an option.

If you need the precise behaviour and the complete feature set of Java's original regex engine, jRegExAnalyser is your tool. No emulation, just the real thing.

Operating Environment

jRegExAnalyser is true and portable 100% pure Java and runs on every Java 1.6 SE VM. RegexBuddy is a native MS Windows application; for Linux users also running with Wine is supported.


If you have a Java 1.6 VM installed, jRegExAnalyser is ready to run via Java Web Start deployment. If you prefer, you can also use it as a regular Java application. No installation required.